usb c to hdmi not working windows 10. 0 ports attached to it but It cant see the HDMI When using Windows® 7, the USB 3. sys) uses the WaveRT port for operation but the device-specific driver does not. · Turn on your Windows PC or laptop · Now, turn off your HDMI device while keeping the computer . Type dispart on the run box by pressing Windows Key + R. The following are the most effective ways to fix Windows 10 HDMI not working issue; Method 1: Restart Your Computer Since this problem can be caused by a settings or software issue, the first thing you should do is restart the computer. Have tried updating drivers, clean windows install, changing cables etc. If using Windows 10, right-click on the Start button and then select the Device Manager in the menu of Win + X. It's possible that your PC prevents the USB C from working to save power. I have an XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 with Windows 10 Home. Hello, couple of days ago I have received some update of Windows 10 on my laptop HP Probook 450 G6 (Intel UHD Graphics 620, NVidia geForce mx250). However it does not seem to work via USB-C to HDMI. USB-C to HDMI Display not working - Yoga 920 - Lenovo Support PA. To update Windows 10 to the latest version, follow the following steps: Press Windows key + I. sometimes the convertor or the adaptor can cause compatibility issues and may not work. But that's not the way I would like to connect it, so I tried the usb-c connection. How to Fix USB Hub Not Recognized in Windows. Let's try changing the power management settings for your USB controller. Connect the HDMI cable to the monitor and then to the adapter. c)THE DEVICE MANAGER DISABLED THE MICROPHONE. Check the box if its unchecked. I had another dongle fail at me after 1 month of use, it was made by aukey (IIRC). Your USB to HDMI adapter may also stop working if its corresponding driver hasn't been installed properly. Sometimes, you can find your USB-C to HDMI cable and adapters not working. In this case, you will have to manually select the HDMI input source. Make sure the device or dongle is connected directly to your PC. I'm using an Vention 5-in-1 Type C adapter with a HDMI output. So it needs to be more than just the connector hardware version. Now it happened the same on the right one: usb seems to work, but the hdmi doesn´t. Solved, USB-C to HDMI not working, Dell Community. batlhilz said: well you can have audio delivered via DVI-I/DVI-D if your card supports it, but yeah if no audio then the audio parts in the HDMI are "useless" in that scenario. Use Another Output Temporarily. I'm connect the hdmi cable to the adapter however the windows is not detecting the 2nd external monitor. Monitors connecting using HDMI via USB C hub is not detected in windows 10. Should all USB C support video via HDMI?. Plug-off the HDMI · Switch on your HDMI device i. Check for the display resolution supported by your output device and the resolution and frequency your cable supports. They might cost a little bit more, but they'll be future proof (4K, 60Hz). Hi there! All of a sudden, I'm having troubles connecting my monitors to my plugable USB-C docking station. · So we're recommending updating the USB to . Right Click on your PC Name and Choose the options" Scan For Hardware Changes" Then attempt to find the USB to HDMI adapter after proper scanning. Posting here because just want to confirm that the older USB C port does not support it and whether it can be fixed with a driver. If you find your USB to HDMI adapter not working, don’t panic – you’re not the only one who has such a problem. Right-click [Start menu](1), then click [ . Got a Yoga 920 earlier this week. Snap! USB to HDMI adapter is not working on Windows 10! Sounds frustrating!Don't worry too much, just watch this video to see how you can fix it. Was originally working in my AW 18. Then, change the project mode by tapping on the P button. Windows 10 remains our reference OS, so the fixes here also apply to users who have recently upgraded to Windows 10. HDMI Port Not Working on Windows 10 Laptop? 6. This is HP's official website that will help automatically detect and download the correct drivers free of cost for your HP Computing and Printing products for Windows and Mac operating system. ** If my response helps, please click on Like (Heart). Detailed description:USB C to HDMI does not work tried with multiple devices (Type C to HDMI adapter, Type C HUB with HDMI output). try to install USB driver from the manufacturer website. I also get the following message:. Unless stated otherwise in the user's manual, the USB ports should be assumed data-only. Option 1 – Manually Update Graphics Driver. Many users reported that HDMI not working on laptop problem occurred when the HDMI device was not. I have spent all my afternoon trying solutions from other posts and the internet, but no luck: - BIOS and drivers are. ZenBook 14 UX431FL USB C to HDMI does not work. USB or Thunderbolt device functionality might be limited · Make sure your PC supports the same USB-C features as the connected device. Consequently, if VGA is working fine, that indicates that the system is providing a display output signal to. In that case, you will need to change the power management settings — disable the USB Selective Suspend and check if your USB C is working again. The HDMI adapter is a compact and highly portable solution that requires no external power, ideal for mobile devices. The A515-56 ports are data only, So it requires an active USB-to-HDMI signal converter, not a passive USB-to-HDMI cable adapter. If the USB driver gets corrupted or outdated, the USB port may not work as expected. Startech USB-C to HDMI not working. The external hard drive that I have plugged into one of the USB-3 ports works as does and HDMI cable I have going to a monitor but nothing else works (including my wireless mouse, Cricut Explore Air and headphones) The USB-C to USB-3 adapter that. Want to use this setup to extend desktop for 3D modelling work. I bought a USB-C mobile dock with both HDMI and VGA outlet, and the HDMI outlet works but the VGA does not detect any monitor. Here’re 4 fixes that help you troubleshoot the possible issues in. My computer runs Windows 10 Home with latest updates installed. USB-C HDMI adapter not recognized by Windows 10 · 1. I bought this laptop few months ago and I have been struggling, trying to connect it to an external monitor via the laptop's USB-C port. Also you can try to reinstall the drivers in device manager. The HDMI port successfully allows one external monitor as expected, but the USB Type-C to HDMI cable I am trying to use which uses the Display Port Alt protocol cannot display the monitor, I have changed monitors and tried the cable on another laptop that successfully runs a monitor from USB Type-C and the monitor and cable both work. What sucks even more is that I always recommend setting up as a new phone, never restore from a backup. Unfortunately the tab A (2018) does not support HDMI over USB C. The Belkin USB-C to HDMI + Charge Adapter, AVC002 can keep your device charged while using your video display. I deployed a Latitude 7480 laptop to a user in our office, our current setup for dual screen is 1 monitor is connected using HDMI and another using USB - C to HDMI cable, after applying our cooperate image of windows 10, monitor with HDMI cable is been detected but but monitor with USB is not deleted. After finishing the uninstallation, restart your PC then Windows will reinstall the device automatically. Without a supplied usb-c cable I grabbed an usb cable from my MacBook and an Amazon standard usb-c cable. To check to see if Windows is detecting the monitor using a computer that is running a version of Windows XP, do the following: Right-click on the desktop and click Properties. Are you working with outdated display drivers on your laptop or desktop? Windows 11 might have faced issues detecting the monitor over HDMI. Check This-How To Fix USB Ports Not Working Issue in Windows 10, 11. As some users complain on the forum, HDMI stops working in Windows 10 and they receive no images or audio. Method 1: Check HDMI Cable Connection. ZenBook (UX433FA) - USB C to HDMI does not work. 0b work with this setup and if not, is the Nvidia got 630m a good choice for type A? In Stocks graphic card gtx 1050 ti 1060. If I right-click and uninstall in Device Manager and do a "scan for new hardware", it works again - but not for long. Select Large Icons from the options. I have a HP Spectre Notebook (Win10) and used to connect 2 external moniors (also HP) via HDMI to the docking station (UD-ULTCDL) to have 3 displays in total without any problems. Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit). 0b work with this setup and if not, is the Nvidia got 630m a good choice for type A?. Also the usb ports are working with the adapter. The USB C to HDMI not working issue can be caused by incorrect or incompatible device drivers. I found out that the cable worked when i plugged it from the TV to the samsung s10, but not when it's plugged with the USB-C port in laptop. USB ports (all of them) and HDMI ports do not have a video processor. Luckily you can fix second monitor not displaying on Windows 10 with the easy tips below. Top 6 USB-C to HDMI Cables for Apple MacBook It all changed in 2016 when the news broke about USB-C cables can output to HDMI directly Top 11 Fixes for iTunes Not Working on Windows 10 I don. Going into display settings and detect display. Most Windows USB problems are driver-related. 0a Max resolution up to 4096 x 2160 @60Hz DisplayPort 1. How do USB-C to HDMI adapters work? With a USB-C to HDMI adapter, you can connect a device like a laptop or tablet to a TV or PC monitor. On HP laptops with a similar problem certain specific USB-C to HDMI cables/adapters seem to work (see link). Here's what I've tried: Hitting Windows – P to change project mode. It is a VAVA USB-C Hub Adapter (Model: VA-UC008). Follow these steps to try to fix it. External monitor works on Linux mint fine. How to fix second monitor not detected on Windows 10. But for Windows Sandisk provides software to do Secure Wipe and Sanitize the does NOT do a full write pass and STILL manages to secure wipe. If your graphics card and TV both have a common port type. Hey I was wondering if USB-C to HDMI can work I have a dongle and I can see it and the usb 3. Thus, installing that program might fix the issue of HDMI not working on Windows 10 PC. I have the same issue with 2 differents USB-C hubs. PD Firmware Update Utility Window select "Next". You need to open the device manager. Expand the Display adapters and right-click the driver to select Update driver. After opening, expand other devices. Select the Scan for hardware changes option. com you can find most up to date drivers ready for download. Everything worked just fine until this morning. Hope that Microsoft solve this problem very soon. (Lenovo, bought in February 2020, Windows 10) sorry don't have all the specs on that one. From there, it's up to the adapter to convert to another signal type if desired, such as VGA or HDMI. Then unplug the monitor the no signal issue arises on (and completely disconnect its USB C to DisplayPort cable). On this machine (Windows 10) I was using display link USB-HDMI Display Adapter to connect projector and Second Monitor. Has never been a problem before using the same laptop and USB-C hub. If HDMI not working issue happens to your computer, you should check the HDMI cable connection at first. Try looking into the port and the wire for physical damage. I bought a USB-C hub for the Thunderbolt port. The USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter connects the following devices to a display that uses an HDMI cable: Mac that has a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) or USB-C port. Right click on it then choose: Scan for hardware changes. Here's what I've tried: Hitting Windows - P to change project mode. This "audio not playing" problem occurs because the default USB audio 2. This was advertised as being applicable for Windows 7 and 8. First, reconnect the monitor to the PC with the USB C to the DisplayPort cable. (NOTE: Please confirm that your host device supports video output or DP Alt mode. Solution 2: Update the Generic USB Hub Drivers. Open Device Manager of Windows 10, navigate to Monitors. After this, follow step 1 to reboot the computer again. How do I troubleshoot my USB C to HDMI? 1. Then, your job is to detect the display button. Reinstall or update USB drivers. If your USB-C to HDMI adapter is not working, the issue might be connected to the dedicated driver. USB-C to hdmi or VGA Converter not working. USB to HDMI converter does not work with Windows 10 I have an Acer Aspire V17 Nitro laptop (i7, 16 Gb RAM) which I am using with an external monitor (through the built-in HDMI port). Right-click the entry, and select uninstall. I can get the HDMI to work with a newer Dell laptop through the hub but can't get it to work with the HP desktop. Here is the guide: Step 1: Right click the Windows icon on the taskbar and then select the Device Manager option. => problem is there with USB-C and HDMI cable. Top 5 Solutions to USB to HDMI Adapter Not Working. Connect the device to another PC. Connect the adapter to your computer. If the USB-C device is not working, charging or recognized on your Windows 10 PC, here are a few things you need to take a look at to fix the issue. This adapter also connects your Mac or iPad Pro to USB-A devices, and it includes a USB-C port for charging your Mac notebook or iPad Pro. Here's how to update the outdated graphics driver and fix issues with HDMI. Troubleshooting Methods to Fix HDMI not working on Laptop or PC. Additionally, i got hdmi / usb-c cables for the screens at work and home. Here is how to use it to correct a USB device not recognized Windows 10/11 problem. After that, you have to go through display settings. 1 systems so I figured it should work for Windows 10 also. Go to Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus >USB Root Hub > Properties > Power Management tab > Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. My laptop (asus Vivobook 15) does not have a VGA outlet and my monitor only has VGA cable. An adapter may not be detected by the monitor or screen. Choose my computer at the top of the Device Manager. If the above steps didn't work, probably the issue is with the driver. That worked very well using ; hp elitbook 820, windows 10, 8bit, 60Hz. But after windows 10 anniversary updates it stopped working. This is likely normal behavior. Drivers fresco logic usb display hdmi Windows 10 download. Solution 1: Update or Rollback Windows; Solution 2: Update the USB to HDMI Driver; Solution 3: Connect to an . 0, EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC GAMING ACX 3. 0 Adapter easily converts a USB-C port to an HDMI output, allowing you to connect your USB-C device to an HDMI display with HDMI cable. I was checking forums and found that other models of Zenbook don't support display throught USB-C, but I couldn't find any information about this model. HDMI not working on Type C adapter connector to Type C Port. Connect the USB-HDMI adapter to your main device (laptop, computer, or smartphone). Plugged my USB C to HDMI adapter in and it worked for a few minutes and than stopped working. I have a Samsung S8 mobile phone with USB-C (USB3. Second cable from Hdmi to Hdmi for second monitor. On your keyboard, press the Windows + S key at the same time to open the Search box. Make sure your PC, the external display, and the cable all support DisplayPort or MHL alternate modes. Click Action to open that menu. 1 Gen 1 devices can be used due to the controller's limitation. Suddenly, the first monitor wasn’t able to connect when. Click on the Windows Update tab and click Check for updates. They are listed below: 1) plugging in, computer does not recognize the device. Switch the external display source back to HDMI. How to Fix USB to HDMI Adapter not Working. Once Control Panel is up, go to the top-right corner of the window and click the View By option. USB-C outputs only provide native DisplayPort. Some months ago the left one stopped working. The USB-C to HDMI adapters are not bidirectional (they are USB-C to HDMI, not HDMI to USB-C). However, it stopped working today. 0 are fully functional but not the Ethernet port. Would appreciate your immediate advice (or from anyone who encountered the same issue!), thank you. I deployed a Latitude 7480 laptop to a user in our office, our current setup for dual screen is 1 monitor is connected using HDMI and . Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The software installer includes 5 files and is usually about 3. USB to HDMI Adapter, Full HD 1080P USB to HDMI Cable Video Adapter for Mac and Windows, Compatible with Windows 10/8. To solve the USB C to HDMI not working issue, you can scan for hardware changes. To check to see if Windows is detecting the monitor using a computer that is . How to Fix the "AOC USB Monitor Not Working" Issue on Windows 10. Try the device on a different USB port. com: usb to hdmi adapter windows 10. On Windows 10, setting up a second monitor is a convenient way to expand the desktop canvas to work with multiple apps and play games on your laptop or desktop computer. This may work like a charm on solving . Turn on your external display and your. If i try to plug in one monitor using HDMI directly into my laptop it works, but i try the same scenario by placing a usb c hub between hdmi. They must rely on the integrated graphics core / dedicated graphics chip to send a video signal to an external monitor. Right-click the Windows 10 Start button to select Device Manager on the Win + X menu. So, updating the USB to HDMI adapter driver might fix it. Trying connect LG 22MD4KA to windows 10 laptop. Windows cannot detect a second monitor when HDMI cable is connected to the second monitor. Just follow this tutorial and see whether it helps you fix the issue. For HDMI driver Windows 11, 10 download. Solution 2: Update the USB to HDMI Driver. I need to connect to the 2nd external monitor now using the type-c slot. To overcome the problem, you need first to hit windows. I tried connecting this LED to a Windows Vista laptop on HDMI, it worked right away. The USB-C was working, the adaptor was detected, but no HDMI image. It is only recognized as a "BillBoard Device" under Windows Device manager. However, when I switch to Linux it doesn't work. Then select your PC at the top of Device Manager. It should be marked with a yellow exclamation point symbol. It will set the HDMI device as the default device for your system. Ubuntu live is Ok!, the monitor in another PC with Windows 10 with the same cable, is Ok!. The Belkin AVC002 supports video resolutions of up to 4K x 2K (3840 x 2160) at 60 Hz for ultra high-definition sharing in any environment. Using a different USB C to HDMI adapter, a different TV, and a different cable. USB-C is fast becoming the new standard connector for computers, mobile devices like Samsung, and more. Some ACER users have reported success using the following converters for data only ports. Suddenly, the first monitor wasn't able to connect when. My USB-C to HDMI is not working any more. Solved: Problems with Dell USB. Here’s what I found to make it work again after tons of attempts: Unplug the USB-C to HDMI dongle. But when i plug my (working) HDMI-monitor into the hub …. You can enjoy Triple Display for the Win 10 system, but Mac OS and Chrome Book do not support MST mode. Open Device Manager and expand category Universal Serial Bus Controllers. So, do you think it´s a problem with the adaptor not being with ALT MODE?. If the above steps didn’t work, probably the issue is with the driver. You can manually download the driver from the website of your adapter's vendor (the site is often mentioned in the user manual). USB to HDMI converter does not work with Windows 10 I recently purchased a USB to HDMI converter so that I could have a second external monitor. For example, my Asus G752 laptop is not compatible. Not all USB C ports support all alternate modes, so having a USB-C port does not guarantee that this device will work. My computer detects my HDMI-to-VGA converter through HDMI port. How to fix the HDMI not working on Windows 10. 1/8/7, Mac OS, Need to Install app (Not Support Linux, Unix, Android, WinXP, Vista) 4. If the HDMI to DisplayPort not working or DisplayPort to HDMI not working issue happens on PC, you can try updating display drivers to solve this issue. * First restart your tablet or computer. I have tried installing of newest driver from Intel website, but did not help. ly/2ZYmSFOIn this video, we're going to show you 5. Click Okay to allow the system to reboot automatically after the installation. Check if the HDMI is set as the default device. This is HP’s official website that will help automatically detect and download the correct drivers free of cost for your HP Computing and Printing products for Windows and Mac operating system. Hi, I have bought a USB-C to HDMI hub (link: ) for my Lenovo Ideapad C340 15IWL 81N50061MH. That is not something that the host PC would have any control over or even be aware of. Identify your exact USB storage file amongst the list. is strange this issue, after reinstalling everything. Use the original cable for charging purposes . Click on the Control Panel in the search result to go to the Control Panel window. Click Updates and Security (as we did earlier). I tried with latest Display Link drivers. If it doesn't fix the problem then yes, WDRT and get back on the latest production build. With each new update come unprecedented issues. At that time I had to format the computer, and the problem persisted. try to uninstall the drivers and restart the unit. Windows 10 Build Update cancelled. 1 Gen 1 driver must be manually installed before USB 3. Plug the USB-C end of the adapter into the USB-C port on your Surface. Clean Your HDMI Port and Reseat the Cable · 2. 1 eXtensible Host controller- 1. Press on that to open the menu. Restart your device and observe if it will make a difference. Everything is hooked up but nothing is working. Option 1 - Manually Update Graphics Driver. Choose the HDMI device and click Set Default and then click OK. This may work like a charm on solving the problem. “DisplayPort Alternate Mode” support (not all devices/systems with USB-C interface supports the standard) or Thunderbolt 3 port – Windows 10 . check if its detected by pressing windows key and P. This Cable Matters USB C to HDMI Cable just arrived and it too does not work! Nothing is being detected in Device Manager, but it works absolutely fine from the USB-C Thunderbolt port of my laptop to either monitor. The HDMI should already be connected to an external display. b) CHECK THE APPLICATIONS' MICROPHONE ACCESS. ly/2ZYmSFOIn this video, we’re going to show you 5. Cable from DP Out to the second monitor which has HDMI. So I bought a USB-C docking station and everything works fine except the audio. Type "control panel" (no quotes), then hit Enter. I ordered the DA200 USB-C to USB3/RJ45/VGA/HDMI adpater. I am trying to create a docking station with one plug in so its easy plug in and out my laptop with my setup. Fresco logic hdmi not displaying on tv using windows 7. One of the issues that you face with Samsung Type C devices is that Samsung USB c to HDMI not working properly, and this issue can be frustrating if you want to use your Samsung mobile with TV or Laptop via USB-C to HDMI connection. Never had a problem with mine from Anker. 1 Gen 1 connector) and this works fine towards a monitor with just a USB-C HDMI converter cable. Go to the left-pane menu, then click View All. The only known workaround that works 100% is detailed in this post: essentially you need to be using a Windows computer with a mini-DisplayPort or regular DisplayPort (but will need an adapter to mini-DP). I have a USB C hub that has an HDMI port. HDMI Not Working on Windows 11? 11 Fixes. Here’s how to update the outdated graphics driver and fix issues with HDMI. If you see Drag the monitor icons to match the physical arrangement of your monitors, it means that Windows is detecting more than a single monitor. Dell support flatly refused to help when posting the problem as it's not under warranty. Make sure the device or dongle is connected to the USB-C port on your PC that supports the correct Alternate Mode. On your keyboard, press Windows Key+S. d) UPDATEING THE AUDIO DRIVERS. So we're recommending updating the USB to HDMI driver using a specialized tool. JCA379 USB™ Type-C to HDMI™ & USB™ 3. Here's what I found to make it work again after tons of attempts: Unplug the USB-C to HDMI dongle. 【USB C to Dual HDMI & VGA】 The USB C adapter supports mirror mode (SST) and extension mode (MST). (Error code ____) To find the error code on a Windows 11 PC Select the Start button, then type device manager and select Device Manager from the list of results. As the translator for your system and the device, the driver takes a great role in making sure your PC is working great. Select Device Manager in the pop-up menu. 4 fixes to fix USB to HDMI adapter issues · Fix 1: Check the version of your operating system · Fix 2: Check your USB port · Fix 3: Download & . 10' drivers and it is the latest drivers. It only has one HDMI output but it also has a USB-C connection that i have DisplayPort connection might not work. Here is the guide: Press " Windows + X " keys. Next, navigate to the Playback tab to see the default audio devices. Select your PC at the top of Device Manager. Both monitors plugged into AC 220V. Started by Seandrick , Dec 14 2020 11:44 AM. The second issue of USB C to HDMI not working is the latest Window 10 update which 3. Booting to safe mode with no services running. I have connected the converter to my USB-device (e. Connect a MacBook, Chromebook or laptop with a USB-C port to a TV, monitor, projector or other display with the Platinum USB-C-to-HDMI Cable. So first, follow below simple instructions to do the troubleshooting. After you scan for hardware changes, Windows may recognize an attached USB to HDMI adapter. The external monitor just won't work in Windows 10 no matter what I do. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers list, plug in the USB hub and remove it again. AND MAC—This USB-C adapter hub is easily installed and compatible with most Windows 11, 10, 8. HDMI cable which I use works if another device is connected to the second monitor. 1 drivers bundled in Windows so you don't need to install manually. I have tried downloading all recent CPU/GPU graphic drivers, dock driver and USB drivers with no luck. If you’re on Windows 10, press Win+P. It is now identifying as a USB 2. Check for Updates Once the updates are installed, restart your computer and see if the adapter works as expected. Connect the device to your PC using another USB cable. The Ultimate Way To Fix USB Headset Mic Not Working Windows 10. Download the latest drivers, firmware, and software for your HP USB-C to HDMI 2. 4 fixes to fix USB to HDMI adapter issues. If your HDMI ports are not working in Windows 10, there are several things you can try to fix the problem. It always says 'Unknown USB Device (Port Reset failed)'. 4 Ways to fix USB to HDMI Adapter Issues on Windows · Run Smart Driver Care and click Scan now to allow driver updating tool to scan the system . Make sure the charger is working; Install Windows Updates; Fix 1. HDMI Port Not Working in Windows 10? Here's How to fix it. The USB-C port for other devices like a SSD disk is working okay. If nothing works the Uninstall USB driver using device manager and restart your pc. By this, you will spot the entry related to the USB hub. Follow the prompts to delete the driver. When I insert USB adapter in USB port built in screen becomes black. Take the video cable that's connected to your external display or TV, and then plug the other end of it into the adapter. Before you start, unplug the cable from the HDMI port and insert it again to make sure both the cable and port are working well. Check this review for one kind of simple USB-C to HDMI device: This item requires an "Alternate Mode" of USB Type-C to function. Windows 10 has been having issues going a long time back. How to fix HDMI port not working on laptop windows 10? Check this video or the tutorial here: https://bit. The cable is easy to connect, supports resolutions up to 4K and is 6ft long. Hi there! All of a sudden, I’m having troubles connecting my monitors to my plugable USB-C docking station. Then try utilizing the USB to HDMI adapter after scanning. The laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 USB-c port. I have been using it on another laptop with USB-c but without a Thunderbolt port, and it works well but without HDMI transmission enable. Once the command prompt opens up, type the list volume then tap the Enter key to run command. General recommendation is to use a USB-C to DisplayPort cable if your monitor supports DisplayPort. Resolution Support: This might also be the reason your cable is not working. DisplayPort and HDMI come in different versions, so make sure to use the correct cable. Both the Windows Audio and the Windows Audio End Point Builder services must be running for audio to work correctly. If you are having trouble with your USB ports not working on your Windows 10 laptop or desktop PC then one of these 5 solutions will fix your problem. I just got an HDMI-to-USB-C adapter, but it doesn't work with this laptop. iPad Pro that has a USB-C port. Faulty Cables: Make sure you check if the cable is damaged or not, this might be the reason your HDMI cable is not working on your windows. File Name: usb-type-c-to-hdmi-driver-windows-10. The problem occurred after updating to Windows 10 21H1. If your drivers are up to dated then maybe your laptop had hardware problem, Do you check any other adaptor on it? try to install USB driver from the manufacturer website. USB-C to Dual HDMI Adapter 2 in 1: ️Attention: On Mac devices, ONLY Mirror Mode, CAN NOT extend two different Screen, due to Mac OS limitation; Connect device with USB Type C (tunderbolt 3) port to two external monitors with 4K HDMI output; You can enjoy movies,games with your families on external ultra HD big screen; Windows OS supports both SST and MST mode, if you not sure how to setting. Way 2: Update Graphics Driver to Fix Windows 10 Does Not Recognize Second Monitor. a) CHECK IF THE MICROPHONE IS IN DISABLED CONDITION. Follow the given steps to set HDMI as the default device: Open Control Panel and then go to Sound. I'm currently connecting it to an external moniotr with the hdmi slot. Connect the HDMI to the adapter. 0 Billboard Device which I belive. This means it could be the Windows 10 or my computer thas has a problem. Fix 1: Perform preliminary checks. How to Fix the “AOC USB Monitor Not Working” Issue on Windows 10. Right-click on Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed) under this category and then click Uninstall to remove the device. Save and fast, we are here to support you and your hardware. If your source is a DVI there is no audio signal. Problem with drivers · Recently downloaded windows updates can also cause an issue for USB-C to HDMI · There could be a problem with the HDMI adapter. Method 1: Set HDMI Device as Default Device. Snap! USB to HDMI adapter is not working on Windows 10! Sounds frustrating!Don't worry too much, just watch this video to see how you can . => used to work with USB-C, after failure I tried HDMI, but HDMI does no work either => powered monitor on and off, no change. Fresco logic usb vga display driver is a shareware software in the category miscellaneous developed by fresco logic inc. The mouse and keyboard are detected and working via dock but when I go to detect the monitors it does not work. Alternatively, recently installed Windows 10 updates can lead to problems with cables and ports. From the Home-screen of your Windows 10 System, go to the Search-panel on the Task Bar, and search for "Control Panel". Windows does not detect connected HDMI monitor. In this guide, we describe solutions to all cases of the “AOC not working” issue. You're only option, if supported by the intended display device, would be Screen Mirroring. The solution to this unsolved problem is to update the firmware of USB-C port from the hp support site, with the latest firmware which was . It's supposed to be plug and play (no driver installation needed). When I plug my external speakers into the 3. Once the PD Firmware Update is complete click Done. Use a different signal cable to confirm the problem is a broken connector or bad cable. I have the same problem with my Surface Book 2. Step 2: Select the Action tab and click the Scan for hardware changes option. USB-c USB hub with HDMI port not working Help Hi i own a asus g552vw laptop and got an USB-c, USB hub that has a HDMI port i have a Samsung TV using the laptops built in HDMI port as my main and my laptops screen as a second one. After restart windows automatically update your driver. How to fix USB-C issues in a Windows 10 computer · You might be able to fix your USB device · Slow USB charger connection · Display connection . Unfortunately I am experiencing a few problems with the device. The anodized aluminum housing ensures durability while providing a sophisticated appearance. Wait till it finished scan, plug the dongle back, and re-do the same thing: Scan for hardware changes. usb type c to hdmi adapter is not working. Some of the fixes below require that you have a working screen with an available output. And press the F10 or other key from your keyboard during the process. Your graphics card likely has other display output types. If the above fixes fail to solve the problem, follow the given methods to fix the issue. Now, the sound window will open. I do all fix that appear in internet and the hdmi port not working. External monitor via USB-C through j5create to HDMI not working ‎02-07-2018 12:44 AM - edited ‎02-08-2018 01:15 AM. Way 1: Fix HDMI Monitor Not Working on Windows 10 from Display Output Settings. My recommendation is to go for usb-c / hdmi adapters that support HDMI 2. The hub works really well in Windows 10, the HDMI transmits the image at 144 Hz. The cable to use depends on your display and the type of video connection it uses—DisplayPort, HDMI, or VGA. After Reboot the USB-C to HDMI adapter should be working with your external display. USB Headset Mic Not Working Windows 10. Usually it’s not that difficult to solve. If you were to disconnect the 1st monitor, then using the USB-C to HDMI cable to connect to the other monitor, then it should work. With a USB-C connection, you can charge your Windows 11 PC, and you can also connect to other USB Type-C devices such as mobile phones, docking stations, display adapters, and other devices that have a USB-C port. USB-C Problems:Your PC or Phone is not charging ; The charger you are using is not compatible with your PC or phone. I recently purchased a USB to HDMI converter so that I could have a second external monitor. Hi, I have bought a USB-C to HDMI hub (link: https: You ideapad should have a hdmi and that usb-c is meant only for usb not for display output there would be a lighting logo indicating thunderbolt which is usb-c but support display output. In this guide, we describe solutions to all cases of the "AOC not working" issue.