batch file prompt for username and password. I am creating a batch file that has a variable of setting a SQL sa password in the configuration file. (the API is a jar file and the install is done from the command line … java -jar secretserver-jconsole. By omitting the final FTP "bye" command it will stop at the FTP prompt and wait for user input. I am trying to create a batch file in order to automate a few commands. After this, read with -s option is for reading the password from the user. Manage Printer Ports, change port configuration. The "sfc /scannow" command scans all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions. Create a reg file with code below and merge into the registry to avoid UAC prompt from bat file: Windows Registry Editor Version 5. Once this is done the user account is updated on the domain controller and you are good to go! ***. @if (@CodeSection == @Batch) @then @echo off rem Use %SendKeys% to send keys to the keyboard buffer set SendKeys=CScript //nologo . cs file contains code for getting token using username and password. sql file using older version of Toad(Version 9. The typical sensitive information is a connection string, especially when it includes a user name and password. A situation came up where I needed it, but was unable to find the said batch file. Password: abc123), and add them to the Administrators usergroup type: net user NewGuy abc123 /add net localgroup Administrators. But this method would mean anyone with access to the script folder could read the batch file and see the username and password. If using a Policy Delivery Method but the user is not a local administrator to their workstation, the batch file also runs as Local System. Are you aware that your Give permissions for file batch file could make your system unbootable if you pick the wrong system file? That's because it doesn't just add that user, it removes all other users, including the system account, which will deny access by those accounts. You can use the run as command in the batch file if you are using windows xp and i think with wondows 2000, unfortunatly it is open text so you have to use another programme to do that. The syntax is as follows: useradd -m -p EncryptedPasswordHere username Where,-m: The user's home directory will be created if it does not exist. This allows the remote site to keep records of the anonymous FTP requests. Open a terminal and create a new file "input. I constructed it with excel and textpad and copy pasted in a cmd. A lot of times, when we write batch files (*. Go to "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" and create a batch file. batch files are working fine for 4 linux machines backing up automatically without asking for password. General troubleshooting errors. Since the input can also be stored as secured string, passwords can also be prompted using this cmdlet. writable, if it succeeds it executes the command, if it fails it skips the command and continues on. The beasvc utility encrypts the login credentials and stores them in the Windows registry. overwrite existing files without prompting. First, make sure you are logged in as an administrator. bat" starts new prompt but exits with process id in console log. Batch Script - Prompting for user input. Connect: [prompt]$ mysql -h host_name -u user_name-ppassword; Using default blank password: [prompt]$ mysql -h localhost -u root -p This file holds a password for the user "debian-sys-maint" which is used by the install tool dpkg to perform database upgrades. But without running the Net Use command, as in my example, I just get the. This is achieved by creating a Microsoft Windows VPN profile (defined in a file named rasphone. My suggestion is to set up public key authentication between those machines. For example, I'd like to be able to pull information such as a username and a password from a text file, and use it in the batch file as some kind of variable. Time sharing allows the resources of the computer - CPU, memory, and datasets - to be shared by all users by dividing up computer time into segments or slices. Note: Unlock the server before uninstalling Sophos. User Name and Password in Batch File. Example 01: Let's take a simple example of reading input from the user in bash when prompt. net use * \\server\share * /user:domain\username. Windows Command Prompt Cheatsheet - Command line interface (as opposed to a GUI - graphical user interface) - Used to execute programs - Commands are small programs that do something useful - There are many commands already included with Windows, but we will use a few. PDF Password Remover Command Line. Click Create Basic Task and give the task a name, click Next and select when you would like to launch the task. For each of the servers that I am connecting to and downloading the files for, I use the same username and password. Enter a password: Retype a password: Both passwords are same. If you receive a prompt, click Yes to change the security. The solution is to call the batch file from a Task scheduler task for which you - have set Run with highest privileges, - have set Run whether user is not logged on or not, and - have saved your admin password. Anyone with a little knowledge or experienc…. Open the Command Prompt window, type explorer and hit Enter. Like call the batch file like below: Batch. Scheduling a batch file with Task Scheduler is way easier than you think. The FTP connection information is embedded within the batch itself. With my beginner coding knowledge and with the help . Cache Git Credentials in Memory. If you add the cleanup portion to the end of your backup batch file, you may want to remove the "@pause" line at the end of the backup portion, so everything can. This article explains how to fulfill that need. Otherwise it will prompt to supply the credentials of an account authorized to access the share. Pause, resume, cancel, or list print jobs. See About the Symantec DLP Agent Install Files. 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes 1 According to net help use, giving a password * will ask for the password on the console prompt. , get the password from the command line rather than prompting for it. Steps to create the batch file for MySQL database expor t (considering that server is installed in C Drive and export file will be stored in D drive): 1. The term " Batch " is from Batch processing, meaning "non-interactive execution", though a Batch file May not process a Batch Multiple data. Note: OneDrive will be running in the background, in the isolated Session 0. This isn't hidden in the command view and it is show in plain text. batch script to open cmd prompt with other user and enter. Re: Batch file to change log on account/password for multiple services « Reply #9 on: April 28, 2014, 10:03:28 AM » Read the Help for the SC command and you will quickly realize that there is an option to specify the Server. So, the select has some additional advantages over read. Comments are very essential for a program. UAC prompt from batch runas administrator. prompt - toggles prompting on or off. Ignore the "file will become unusable" message. However, I've since simplified it by creating a batch file for this. One day it stopped responding to RDP and several control programs we have […]. BAT" file is located and double-click on it to execute. Following are the different ways to launch cmd. On Windows 10, a batch file typically has a ". (no quotes in the file) Batch file: FOR /f "tokens=*" %%n IN (directory. value = "" Then msgbox ("ERROR: No User. The batch file contains a series of DOS (Disk Operating System) instructions. NET USE uses the current password first and if it does not work will then prompt for a password from the user. Open your Command Prompt window using the Windows + R key combination, and then type cmd. Use only the given option file. Set /p user=Enter the user name : Set /p password=Enter the password. how to provide password in case of batch files(ssh. Bypassing the Prompt for Username and Password. If you require all arguments, then you can simply use %* in a batch script. In DOS systems, batch files end with a. The following sections detail Maven's command line options. In other words if you do not supply the full path to PSExec, the batch file will not be able to find it. /M [module] Lists all tasks currently using the given exe/dll name. TSO is an acronym for Time Sharing Option, which is an accurate summation of the primary service that the TSO feature provides. Batch files run in the Windows command prompt, so these prompt commands are used in the file. As the SID for the local Administrator is a constant, I use the following PowerShell cmdlet (as part of a diagnostic script that appends to a text file):. I have created a task with "Run with highest privileges" to start my script. Password Encryption – Business Rule Batch Files – in2Hyperion. This command also can query remote computer. REM Add a user REM %1 is the username REM %2 is the password REM . Now, in the command prompt window, type: net user /add [*username] [password] Press Enter. This will create a new folder called "Locker" in the same folder as the batch file. Step 5: Now, pick the new Administrator account, and. I want to call sqlplus and execute a packaged procedure in 1 line. This is one of two possible methods for avoiding the username/password prompt when a server instance starts. When using BTEQ in batch mode or with input files, enter the entire LOGON command on one line. I googled and could not find any information pertaining to this method. I created a batch file to run a. rem Then, the input will be stored in a variable. Add a domain user account: Net user /add username newuserPassword /domain. bat files and limited EVERYTHING so now I cant even go on my own usb :'(and I cant install anything like iTunes or games or anything. So, you can change the file name and use the attrib command to hide other files. :: NOTHING else in this batch file may be indented four spaces. bat, which changes the file type. Write a batch file to add, multiply, divide and subtract two numbers. sqlplus command line usage Hi Tom,I am calling sqlplus from a batch file. Example: Hide a txt file named "goals" in Disk E. At the SQL> prompt, you say: spool foo; and a file called foo. Else if security of your password is not a concern for you, then an expect script can automate your ssh login. Create a new Secret in Secret Server with the password from the batch file. Google Answers: Accepting user input in a DOS batch file. Click file, save as, and then save it as PrinterName. Copy the batch file to the client computer. Once the batch process has finished, you should review the ERR and LOG files (and REJ files, if applicable) for any errors or rejected data. txt" file contains the output from the script. You can also rename files with just two clicks, directly from Windows! Automatically set MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, APE, FLAC, MPC tags, organize your photos based on their type or size, fix irritating issues like double spaces or wrong casing in file names, and much more. cmd), we would want to take user input at the DOS prompt during runtime of the script. rem The below line of code will ask the user a question. atp "C:\PfX Documents\Binder\Templates \*. Type C:\Users\folder location\filename. However, when executing the batch, the user will be prompted to input the password: In order to automate this batch file, the password file becomes a necessity. Replace {SSH USERNAME} with you username and {SERVER IP} with its IP address. Type “net use T: \ etworkShare\Test path /persistent:yes”. This will change the password on the Application Account to a random value and will lock the account usage to that machine. CD C:\Program Files\Telelogic\DOORS 7. net use * \\server\share * /user:domain\username This should attempt to login to \\server\share with domain\username, and ask for a. One would delete the mapped drive then call the second batch file that would map the second one. Because CONNECT first disconnects you from your current database, you will be left unconnected to any database if you use an invalid username and password in your CONNECT command. Note: Press Continue or enter user name and password of administrator account if User Account Control prompts for permission to continue. Batch file programming is a way of making a computer do things simply by creating, yes, you guessed it, a batch file. ' This code is based on Microsoft TechNet ScriptCenter "Mask Command Line Passwords". rlogin assumes that your username is the same on all computers and enters it for you. It contains a series of commands to be executed by the command line interpreter. of the batch file instead of entering each command individually. The most basic form of user interaction, of course, is the PAUSE command, which halts the batch file until the user presses "any key" (apart from Ctrl, Alt, Shift, CapsLock, NumLock or ScrollLock). Right click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator. Then get the hash of the file ( certutil -hashfile password. Prashant;Thankyou For Using My Batch Code, Happy To Help. The read statement is used to input user value, which will be saved to the. A beautiful command-line prompt for node. Could I make a shortcut to it that has some switch in it that hides it. Batch files are batch files that allow Windows users to automate system or program processes. Note that a very large JPEG will make for a very large key. Set the policy to Enabled and then click OK. I am new to write batch script (*. select WORD [in list]; do set of commands; done. BAT creates the firmware disk on drive A: etc All the user has to do is type in the correct number and they get the disk they want. You can change it as follows (1800 seconds = 30 minutes or 3600 seconds = 1hour). put [filename] - upload a file to the web server. only option to pass the password through my script. The primary components for a batch SCP procedure that use password authentication are as follows: Password Shell Script. It's easy enough when I do the Net Use command and map to a device, since the OS (Win2000/XP) will prompt for a username. FOR /L %%var_name IN (Lowerlimit, Increment, Upperlimit) Do some_code. For example, the following DOS batch file prints the date and time and sets the prompt to GO>:. Now you should enter users User name and Password and press ok. A batch file that includes all commands and their switches reduces the amount of typing required to get your work done. ' myPrompt is the text prompting the user to type a password. DRIVE is the drive letter you want to use and PATH is the full UNC path to the share. I notice that it allows me to enter in a username and password but then prompts individually again for each of the servers below, I just want to enter in the credentials at the start and make it automatically add for them all. We can implement TokenCache functionality for daemon application or background application in this file. Just follow the steps shown below and you will be good. I have batch file which make changes to the local machine host file. Alternatively, highlight the file and press F2, then change the file extension,. I have a series of batch files that run a robocopy backup to a TrueCrypt container on a remote machine. By a double click on the batch file, the sqlcmd code will execute on the related MS SQL Server instance in order to create a SQL Server database full backup. In the Action window leave "Start a program" selected and after clicking Next, browse for the batch script. Batch file to prompt user for username and then use that to map a network share Posted by Marc4009. According to net help use , giving a password * will ask for the password on the console prompt. So far, I have all of this working with a series of batch files: 1. Using the command line or create a batch file. Another way to do this would be to prompt for the information: Code: [Select] CD C:\Program Files\Telelogic\DOORS 7. Some examples of using the -D command line argument. Bulk update user type, licenses, and other information. Example: @echo off xcopy C:\Folder\text. but these settings are getting cleared after 2-3 days / after rebooting the pc. On the right, find the "Prevent access to the command prompt" item and double-click it. We don't want to map this drive manually every time we start the computer [/p:yes], nor do we want to enter the username and password each time [/savecred]. Type @echo Create new T: drive mapping. In this example we'll teach you. Create task in Windows Task Scheduler. Then to start Tomcat you have to open command prompt. GNU Wget is a free utility for the non-interactive download of files from the Web. Go to the Servers' list, then under the Lockdown status column, click Unlock for the target server. Turn off tamper protection on the computer or server. Open the PDF in Acrobat DC, and do one of the following: Choose Tools > Protect > More Options > Encrypt with Password. cmdkey /add:Servername /user:username /pass:password. Is it possible ?currently i am calling a. I will make a prompt for username/password for security purpose. Another option is to remove ghost from the auto start, instead make a batch file that asks for the user name and password, does the net use . A batch file can be set up to run upon XCOM successfully receiving a file. Set the value for the property XCOM_USERID= to the empty string (ie. This will prompt the user to enter a key, the only problem is that the license key the user enters remains visable on screen for the duration of the silent install. Batch script to add windows credentials (windows 7). Add, delete, or list printer connections. How do I enable or disable UAC from a batch file. choice - Accept user input (via keyboard) to a batch file cipher -Used to encrypt/decrypt files and folder cleanmgr - Used clean temp files and recycle bin automatically clip - Copy result of any command (stdin) to Windows clipboard cls - Clear CMD screen cmd -Used to start a new CMD shell cmdkey - Used to manage stored usernames and passwords. private static String getUserName(String prompt){ String username. This is due to the need for the standard input neccessary to prompt for the password. Press Enter to change the names for all other selected files. In PowerShell, the input can be retrieved from the user by prompting them with Read-Host Cmdlet. Thus, when IE open the website, it will not prompt the AD username and password again. ok peoples I have to warn you all, I was spaming the student drives with batch files at school kinda like these and the admin deleted all my. It's called a batch file because it batches (bundles or packages) into a single file a set of commands that would otherwise have to be presented to the system interactively from a keyboard one at a time. txt" refers to the full name of the document (including file extension name). runas /profile /user:domain\username file. Copy the command below and paste it to the command prompt. java -jar secretserver-jconsole. This code is for inline variables in an interactive script:. This removes the ability for the user to run scripts and batch files. For additional information about this and other option-file options, see Section 4. zip file echo qwerty echo qwerty as well as without the "echo". # Automatically answer all prompts negatively not to stall # the script on errors option batch on # Disable overwrite confirmations that conflict with the previous option confirm off # Connect using a password # open user:[email protected] How can I put this in a batch file so that batch file execute using the run as different user and don't ask for the password from user because they would not have the password. However, running batch files in Command Prompt is still relevant to from another computer that uses a specific username and password, . I'm hoping it'll be something easy-ish in order to do. Description: This is a variation of the original Login and Password script that will take users to a designated URL only if the entered username and password is correct. log Hide Password in Batch File: Do you need to type secret information in to a batch file but only see stars here is the file to do it! Then reload once manually and save the application, after that try reloading from batch file, which shouldnt prompt for user id and password input. A really basic guide to batch file programming. Taking User Input at DOS Prompt. The location is important because if the file is moved or deleted from that. You can batch update existing users by exporting a CSV file of users, editing it, then uploading it to the web portal. It contains a list of commands that will be executed by the command line interpreter and stored in plain text Save as. Run the batch file by double-clicking it. BAT) as a Windows 8/2012/7. bat extension and includes one or more command prompt commands. After that, this share is available via some disk name, but should also be available using the UNC path (as it's successfully logged on) Share. So when they enter in the username and password I want it to be added to the below Servers. When you start the batch file from a cmd window, or by double clicking it, the working folder is set to the current folder and if PSExec resides there, the batch file. Currently I am working on EPM automation using java login programs. To do this, right-click the file and select Rename, then change the file extension as above. and the word "password" is also replaced to be the password corresponding to the username replaced. Run as different user using the command prompt. Here I show you how to have your batch file create a username/password form, then use Windows Scripting to read the contents of that form and transfer the results back into a batch file. Double-click the modified batch file to execute the SSIS package. This article is about using the DOS Batch script facility of the Windows command line, together with SQLCMD to write the contents of each table in a database to the local filesystem. I was wondering if there was a way to mask user input for a batch file the same way that other user input is done, such as replacing whatever is typed with an asterisk such as: "Enter Password. To push the output to a file, use a redirect to the desired output file. I have a batch file that starts several programs. @echo off c:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqldump --user=root --password= --result-file="d:\mydbbackups. For net use, you will also need to specify a device name (which can also be *, in which case the system uses the next available name), so you could try (untested) net use * \\server\share * /user:domain\username. txt) DO MKDIR "%%n" The reason for doing this is that the directory name can contain spaces, and enclosing the string in quotes does not work for MKDIR in a batch file. If your batch file calls a program that needs access to its registry settings, etc. Is there a way to get input from the user, but to hide it in some way ? Such as when you type in your password in a form, its displayed as ***** Thanks in advance, Remush. BAT script that needs admin privileges, and I need to lose the annoying UAC prompt. January 12, 2020 at 9:02 pm #543. I also use this trick frequently to determine the name of the script at runtime. batch script isn't incredibly difficult, but it would be hard to accomplish without any instructions. bat file ask for user name and password. Of course with sudo it will prompt you for a password unless you are in a sudoers group with NOPASSWD: On SuSE: I recommend you to create a file with username & password. csv) DO net user %1 %1 /add REM Now delete the. Open the file and add a little code to it as below. Method 2: Using the Explorer Command Line to Open File Explorer. Now we can go ahead and install MySQL without getting the root password prompts: apt-get install mysql-server -y > /dev/null. Also note that some programs will display your JPEG unchanged (GnuPG), and some programs will scale it to fit in a dialog box (PGP). 2 Batch file The batch file contains the single line SCHTASKS /Run /TN "RobvdWTimeSync" 3 Task scheduler I opened TS as Admin [right-click on the TS shortcut and select Run as Admin] in order to set the task up and save the Admin password within it. A batch file is a text file with a. However, the last one I need to run requires administrator. Page 1 of 2 - Hide the command prompt windows - posted in Windows XP, 2000, 2003, NT: I am runing a. The home directory parameter in the batch SCP user's profile contains the absolute path to its home directory. Batch Script - Prompting for user input Would you like to learn how to prompt for user input using the command line? In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to use the command line to request input to Batch scripts on a computer running Windows. docx' included in the zip file, and which may be accessed by opening the template for editing in Word. Note: If you do not want to store your credentials in an openly available batch file, you can also pass the user name and password through the command line. Open again the command prompt with "Run as administrator". exe with the profile defined in rasphone. Give the Application Account access through the permissions. Now right-click on your file and choose Rename. Request a user input using the command line. Prevent Command Prompt Access for Specific Users. This is not a permanent setting. txt file as follows: ftp> open 1. The syntax of the select command is a very similar to the for loop in bash. this assumes you can press tab once to get from the userID to the password field. This would open AD for example and would always run as EMEA\ACCOUNTNAME-%USERNAME%. In: Programming User Name and Password in Batch File 0 ok so i wrote this little script up so people would have to put in a username and password @echo off title testing authentication color 0A echo enter your username set username=robert (i set the required name here) set /p username= echo now enter your password. What you can do is take steps to make sure that the batch file exits as quickly as possible. Batch file that runs dtutil program and set the. If the module name is not specified all loaded modules are displayed. The home directory parameter in the batch SFTP user's profile contains the absolute path to its home directory. So, it's very essential that we need to comment the code efficiently. 7zip is a program that will use for zipping. Automate this bate file with your automation tools. If the logged in user has authorized access to this network share, the above command completes successfully without asking the user to provide username/password. -> I would like to store the password (in clear text I don't care) in the batch script (by using the variable I have created) and I don't want to use an external RDP file. Under Windows 2000 and above, the default action is to prompt on overwrite unless the command is being executed from within a batch script. bat which takes sql backup in SQL Server. batch file: A batch file is a text file that contains a sequence of commands for a computer operating system. If that line is not present, the file will only list all files to be deleted in the cleaup. It allows triggering the execution of commands found in this file. I wanted to get a file transferred from the remote server to my server after I connect through my automated connection script. cd - Changes the working directory on the remote computer. bye - Ends the FTP session and exits ftp. How can I put this in a batch file so that batch file execute using the run as different user and don’t ask for the password from user because they would not have the password. 5 Cool Batch Files: In This instructable you will get 5 codes for 5 useful batch things - Password Generator - Password Protected Command Prompt - Website Crasher - Website Pinger - PC Cleanup Utilities. cmd The instructions in batch files are for automating repetitive command sequences. The following example evokes the cliche dialogue box asking the user permission to continue and then resyncs the time with online time servers which requires admin access on Vista and Win7. (It is often used with -f, however, and is the only way to overwrite directory EAs under OS/2. Any programmer mostly will not start from scratch, they will be revising the existing versions. This text file will be processed by the FTP program and each of the statements in the text file will be processed in the sequence they appear. If the application doesn't support something specific, you would need a third party app to do this. If you use the "net use" command and provide the username, the batch file will automatically ask you to enter the password; it doesn't echo any input. put - will prompt for remote-file, then local-file. It's tricky, but you can write old-fashioned DOS bat files, a string of DOS prompt commands, to create an execute an Oracle rman backup. this recipe is just a quick batch file that lets you find the user who is currently logged in when the batch file is ran by using a FOR statement and the %USERPROFILE% variable in XP. As a final thought, due to possible limitations in your chosen scripting method, you may need to also to ensure that invalid / poison characters are not. set WLS_USER=username set WLS_PW=password where username is the name of an existing user with privileges to start a server instance and password is the user's password. But I want to display everything that is displayed on cmd prompt in the console log itself. A batch file (batch script) in Windows is a text file that typically has a. But what I would like to do is when the user runs this script it will prompt them to enter . So you can store the password in the command line of the Distribution Package. If at all possible, modify the batch file to run whatever program with the start command. Use 1 when you're still checking whether the program is properly executed or not. If the runas utility is not an option, look into the psexec utility. "For example, a file might have a permission granting a specific user (type=user) the read-only access (role=reader) while another permission grants members of a specific group. If you want to run SFTP command line without prompt, it may either be a success or a failure. Modify the batch file to add the configuration file path to the batch command. is there any sql query which will forbid us from using xp_cmdshell command. In the popped out Batch Find and Replace dialog box, please do as the following operations: In the right section, select *. Is there anyway for it to ignore the username/password prompt and just continue? linux windows samba batch windows-command-prompt. Locking down the Command Prompt can be done using NTFS Permissions, by adding a Deny Permission entry (to cmd. Note: * will prompt you for the password of the account/session you are switching to; otherwise the password needs to be entered in the command in lieu of the asterisk as plan text. In this example, script will: Prompt the user to enter their server access credentials, more specifically their network User name and Password ( . Use name as default user ID for signatures. For this purpose, these files contain commands, also called "batch commands", which can be executed via the command prompt. Select "Run As" and provide the credentials for the local admin account. To map drives using a batch file, we'll need to use the net use command. For script use see the -i option. The Command Prompt window appears. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. After this it prompts for what the password should be set to, then requests the password be typed a second time for confirmation purposes. The runas command should prompt you for the credentials when you run the batch file to execute the specified command. Double click it to run the file. When you run a batch file, the. Step 4: From the User Accounts section, follow the link to Change Account Type. The primary components for a batch SFTP procedure that use password authentication are as follows: Password Shell Script. Storing database password credentials in a client-side Oracle wallet eliminates the need to embed usernames and passwords in application code, batch jobs, Enter a valid user name and password. You can validate parameters for a function more conveniently than this. code in bat file with username and password || script || asterisk password. exe does not provide network authentication by itself. How to Fix: Run Batch Script as Administrator (Without Password) I have plenty of experience with batch scripts (. We want to connect as another user account we have [/user] by the name of msmith2 that's stored on the pdc01 domain with a password of Ue345Ii. This automatic login script (also described in detail earlier) can be used to execute different FTP scripts that share the same login information stored within the batch file. NET assembly, you need to store credentials (such as a username and a password) somewhere. The file name is the same as the batch file and has an. You can also use the same command in PowerShell if you prefer. and I cant even get into cmd without a password /_O_\. Steps to Schedule Batch File in Task Scheduler. However, if you want to find out with command prompt the location of mysqld. Either get the user and password variable values from standard input from console user using set /p. In the batch scriptYou can use a % to get the value of any argument, followed by its numerical position on this page. lst will appear in your current directory and will record all user input and system output, until you exit sqlplus or type: spool off; Note that if the file foo. bat -username myusername -password mypassword (where each argument is preceded by a -(minus sign or hyphen), and the name of the parameter matches the name being set inside the batch file). Each resource identifies the permission for a specific type (user, group, domain, anyone) and role, such as "commenter" or "reader. In above script, ECHO off cleans up the console by hiding the commands from being printed at the prompt, ECHO prints the text. As far as the hiding of password entry is concerned, I'd suggest you use vbscript / html|hta solution, which could either be directly scripted or created and run directly from the batch file. Without a password prompt, to get access to SFTP is just a bit of hope at all. Map Network Drive cmd (batch file). set /p user=Enter Username: set /p pswd=Enter Password: doors -batch D:\programs\searchstringcmdline. Open a terminal window (or command prompt) to run the ADB.